Wicked tiger । Famous Short Stories Latest Famous Short Story

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Wicked tiger । Famous Short Stories Latest Famous Short Story

Near the lion-gate of the king's house, there was a large tiger in an iron cage. As the people came in front of the king's house, the tiger shook his hand and told them all, 'Don't open the door to the cage once, grandpa!' Open the door, and you break our neck. "

In the meantime, the king's house is very inviting. Great scholars are invited to join the group of Masai. One of them was like a heavy man to see Tagore.
The tiger began to bow to this grandmother again and again.
When he saw it, he said, "Oh, the tiger is a great Lakshmi! What do you want
The tiger folds his hand and says, 'By the way, if you open the door of this cage once! I fall on your two feet. '

Thakurmashi was a good man, so he opened the door of the cage quickly in the words of the tiger.
Then the wretched tiger came out laughing and said, 'Thakur, I will eat you!'
Someone else might have run away. But this Tagore did not know how to escape. He was very busy and said, 'I've never heard such a thing! I benefited you so much and you said you would eat me! Does anyone ever do such a thing? '
When the tiger said, 'Thakur Thakur, everyone does.'
Thakurmashai said, 'It is never! Let's see three witnesses jiggles, what they say. '
The tiger said, 'Well, let's go. If the witnesses say what you are saying, I will leave you. And if they're right, I'll catch you.
The two went to the field to find a witness. Placing a bit of soil between the two fields, the farmers make a short walk, Al tells him. The grandmother showed Al and said, 'This is one of my witnesses.'
The tiger said, 'Well, giggle him, and what he says.'
Then grandma jigged, "Oh Bapu Al, you see, if I do someone good, does he do evil to me?"
Al said, 'Thakur Thakur. Don't look at this with me. I live in the middle of two farming fields, how much they benefit. No one can take the land of another, the water of one's field goes into another's field. I do them so much, yet the poor cut me off and plowed their fields! '

The tiger said, 'Listen, then, grandma, if anyone does good to her, do you evil?'
The grandmother said, "Rosso, I have two more witnesses."
The tiger said, 'Well, let's go.'
In the middle of the field was a banyan tree. The grandmother showed him and said, "There is another witness of mine."
If the tiger says, 'Well, giggle him. Let's see what he says. '
Thakurmashi said, "Bapu Botgach, you have a lot of boys, you have seen a lot. Tell me, who does the harm, who does the harm? "

Botagha said, 'That's why people do it before. The men sat down in my shadow, and they choked me and glued me down. Again, to keep that glue, my leaf is tearing. Then, see, my pulse is broken. '
The tiger said, 'What grandma, what is he saying!'
Then Tagore was troubled. What else to say, could not decide what to say. At that time a fox was passing by. The grandmother pointed to the fox and said, “There is another witness of mine. Let's see what he says. '
Then he called out to the fox and said, "Fielder, stand up. You are my witness. '
The fox stood up, but refused to come near. He giggles from a distance, 'What the hell! How can I be your witness? '
Thakurmashi said, "Let's see, Bapu, who does evil, does anyone do evil?"
The fox said, "If you hear who did what good and who did evil, then I can tell."
"The tiger was inside the cage, and I was on the way to the Brahmin," said the grandmother.
When the fox heard this, he said, 'It's a tough word. If I don't see that cage anymore, I can't say. "

So everyone had to come to the cage again. The fox often walked around the cage and said, "Well, I understand the cage and the way. Tell me what happened now. '
"The tiger was inside the cage, and I was passing the Brahmin path," said Thakurmashai.
Immediately the fox stopped him and said, 'Wait, don't hurry, before I understand that much. What did you say The tiger was your left, and the path was passing through the cage? '
On hearing this, the tiger laughed ho-ho and said, 'Away ass! The tiger was inside the cage, and Bamun was on his way! '
When the fox said, 'Rosso see-Bamun was inside the cage, and the tiger was on his way?'
The tiger said, 'Hey fool, it's not. The tiger was inside the cage, Bamun was passing by? '
The fox said, "This is a very loud noise. I don't understand anything what you say? The tiger was inside the bun, and the cage was passing by? '
The tiger said, 'I have never seen such a fool! Hey the tiger was inside the cage, and Bamun was on his way. '
Then the fox scratched his head and said, 'No! I can't understand such a strong word! '
At that time the tiger got angry.
He told the fox with a bang, 'That must be understood! Look, I was inside this cage - see - this is how - '
In fact, the tiger entered the cage, and the fox also closed the door of the cage and knocked. Then the fox said to Thakurmashi, 'Thakurmashi, now I understand everything. If you want to hear my testimony, it is that the wicked do not benefit. So tiger mama won. Now you go fast, yet the falar is not furore. "

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