Rape Wife - Episode 02 । Read to Novels Story - Moner Rong

Rape Wife - Episode 02 । Read to Novels Story - Moner Rong romantic novels to read best novels to read online best novels to read in english literature best novel to read online

Rape Wife - Episode 02 । Read to Novels Story - Moner Rong

Rape Wife - Episode 01

Rape Wife - Episode 02

Sumi opened the packet and saw an ointment and realized that Sagar had brought it to apply. Sumi took the medicine and then went to bed! The ointment is very cold burns are very reduced. Feeling a little comfortable.
I woke up in the morning and saw that the pain had decreased a lot.
Sumi freshened up and made breakfast then went to Sagar's room and saw Sagar still sleeping! Sumi stood for a while and looked at the sea and was thinking about the night. The sea is not as bad as I thought. Suddenly Sagar woke up and Sumi lowered her eyes. Sagar said
- What are you doing here?
- No, I don't mean anything.
- What time is it?
- 8:20 now.
- Why didn't you call me? I have work today.
- Did I know?
- Iron my clothes. I'm going to the shower.
Sumi ironed the clothes. Then Sagar had breakfast and went to the office. Sagar actually talks to the girls on the phone at home and makes Sumi his bedmate if needed.

Sumi's eyes did not notice when she was thinking about the old words.
Suddenly the calling bell rang and Sumi opened the door and saw Sagar standing. Sagar said as soon as he entered the room
Go after the sari. We will see the sky today.
Sumi couldn't believe her eyes and stood in front of the sea. The sea says,
Didn't hear what I said, hurry up, today's moon has a very beautiful light. I will go to the roof and see Jochna. Come together a little.
Sumi wore a blue sari and a red bangle. She was combing her hair with a comb. At that time Sagar came and said
- Shave your hair.
- Why? I like open hair.

- Don't do that.
Then Sumi combed her hair and Sagar came from behind and put a lotus flower in her hair and hugged Sumi and said,
I love you so much.
At that time Sagar took a kiss on Sumi's forehead
-Sumi .... Sumi .. this Sumi .....
Sumir woke up to the call of the sea. Oops it was a dream !! I looked at the clock and saw why the sea was calling so late at night at 1:25 !!
Let's go to the gay Sumi Sagar's room.
- Can't you hear Kiri calling for so long? Do you put cotton in your ears?
- No, I actually fell asleep.
- Yes, you sleep all day, you have nothing to do but eat?
- What am I going to do tonight without sleeping?
- Give Rhea a dress. Her dress got wet.
- Babu, I will not wear these famous dresses. (Rhea)
- So what do you do now? (Sea)
- Give me your shirt and I'll take it later. (Rhea)
- All right (Sea).
- Listen, wash my dress. I have to go home in the morning. (Rhea)
- Well (Sumi).
Sumi came and washed and dried the rear dress. I miss home very much. When I met my mother, I did not go. I will tell Sagar in the morning to go to meet my parents.

Made breakfast in the morning. Riya and Sagar had breakfast. Rhea said it was time to leave after breakfast
Don't give me a bad look at the sea. I will go less around him.

Sumi did not listen to Riya. Sumi told Sagar after Rye left
- I don't want to go home for a long time. If you allow me, I would like to meet my parents once.
- Who will see my food? Don't eat?
- I'll cook and go in the morning and come back in the afternoon. I will not stay. You stay in the office at that time or you are out for other work. I'll be there before you get home.
- Well, I'll drop you off at the office, but I'll come home and find you.
- Get it. I promise I'll be home before you return. I will not stay.
Later both of them finished eating and got ready.
Sumi wore a blue sari, a hand-filled red silk bangle, a small tip of a stone, dark eyelashes, light pink lipstick on her lips, and her hair was pale.
Sumi could not accept yesterday's incident at all. Sagar talked to the girls on the phone, flirted, drank, smoked cigarettes, but he could not accept the physical relationship with Riya and nothing like that. So he decided that whatever he did, he would pull the sea towards him and that was his beginning.
When Sumi got ready and came in front of Sagar, Sagar was staring at her. Then he said
- It takes so long for you to be ready?
- I'm sorry it's too late and give me 2 minutes. I'm not wearing a burqa, please.
- Why wear a burqa again? I will go in my car. I don't have to wear a burqa.
- Well, let's go then.
- And listen, keep your hair open. That would be better.
Sumi was happy in her mind seeing the use of the sea-I am not dreaming again !!
So he cut a pinch in his hand and saw that it was not true. Not a dream.
Then they got in the car. On the way, Sagar's eyes suddenly fell on Sumi's hand. Sagar said
- I see your hand is very burnt. Shafiq did not go with the ointment that day?
- Yes. I applied it but that night the skin fell off due to rubbing too hard.
- Oh, got it. There is vinegar in the house. The stain will go away.
- All right.
Sumi can't believe her ears. Is it true that Sagar was also sexually aroused with a girl last night !! Which didn't bother me at all. That is why the mother rightly said that the biggest weakness of boys is a girl. That can easily subdue a boy.
Sumi's house has come. Sagar let Sumi down. As Sumi was leaving, Sagar called from behind
Sumi has a little income here.
Sumi came quickly.
Say something?
Sagar said with a smart phone in Sumi's hand
This phone has two SIMs. You will use this phone from today. Money is loaded in both the SIMs here.
That's all Sagar went to the office! Sumi stood in amazement at Sagar's car. After the car disappeared, Sumi entered the house.

As soon as he entered the house, Sumi's mother hugged him. Sumi's younger brother ran and hugged Sumi. Year 7/8 will be the edge name. Sumir knows this. Sumi's father was not at home then. He was out of Dhaka on business. Then Sumi's mother went to the room with Sumi and the mother and daughter talked a lot!
Suddenly, his mother noticed the burn on Sumi's hand and asked,
- What happened to your hand? Why did the stain fall like this?
- Hey mom nothing. The oil fell during cooking.
- Doesn't mean anything! You see how much the burn has spread.

- Nothing will happen, mother. It will be fine.
- There's nothing in it?
- I applied and brought an ointment, that's what I applied.
- How will this stain go now? Much has become dark.
- The mother will go away and said that if you apply vinegar, the stain will go away.
- Hmm, I have it at home.
- All right.
Mother and daughter arranged to cook lunch together! Sumi's mother asked him, remembering how naughty the mother and daughter were together.
- Does Sagar love you, mother?
- Yes, Mother Sagar loves me very much.
- You're not hiding anything from me, it seems from your mouth.
- Don't say that my mother loves me very much. Look, you gave me this phone today. See how expensive the SIM is.
- Do you love giving these?
- Oh no, Mao takes care of me a lot. He caresses me a lot. Well, when will mom and dad come?
- Will come in 3 more days.
- Oh, I'm leaving in the afternoon.
- Why? How long will you stay?
- No, mother, it will be difficult to eat. I have to leave.
- But you're avoiding me again and again.
- What do you say, mother? Why avoid?
- Please tell me what happened.
- Mom !!!!

Sumi's mother is shedding tears in her eyes and she couldn't understand that her daughter is not well. Sumi said,
- Well, what is mother rape?
- You mean? Why this sudden question?
- Isn't rape the name of going against someone's mind and forcing him to enjoy his body ??
- Yes. But why are you asking these?
- You know, Mom, I'm not regularly legally raped by my husband. I am Sagar's raped wife. (He spoke with a sad smile on his face)
- Why haven't you told us so far?
- What's the use of telling mom? Grandmother, I have always heard you say that after marriage, the husband is the daughter of all. Before, I thought I would stand on my own two feet after studying. I don't have to depend on anyone. Even if my husband is not good, I will be able to find my own way. But this marriage thing changed my whole idea. The family explained to me that this is the last address of a daughter no matter what the husband is. But I will take the sea as my own at any cost. I am in no way inferior to the grace of God. God has given me everything! Then why can't I make my husband my own! I have to be able to, I can.
Sumi's mother heard the words and said
- How big my little Sumita has become. Got something. God bless mother, my prayers are with you. All will be well!
- Yes, mother, pray.
- Mother's mind can never be fooled, mother. Mothers all understand what problems a child has. It is a separate force from them.
- Yes, mother. Well, I don't see my mother or grandmother. Where is Grandma? Aslam has not heard the news for so long.
- Your grandmother went to Gazipur for a few days. I missed you a lot, so I went with your father. Your father went to work there then.
At noon a call came to Sumi's phone. Sagar realized after receiving. Sagar said,

- What do you do?
- I'm talking to my mother. What do you do
- What else am I doing in the office? There is not much work to be done by just signing the emergency files and telling the employees to do the work.
- Oh
- Hmm. Well listen ..
- Hmm said.
- Nothing. Have you had lunch?
- Hmm. Have you eaten
- Hmm, two bananas and bread.
- Why?
- That's why food didn't come here today.
- Oh! Okay now.
- Okay. Bye.
- God bless you.
- God bless you.
Sumi put down the phone and there were many questions in her head. Suddenly this change in the sea, care for me, giving me a mobile, giving me a phone, I don't understand anything.
It was time for Sumir to leave in the afternoon and he was ready. Her mother said,
- How many days have you not been, mother?
- No, it's 4 o'clock. Sagar will come home by 8 o'clock. If I return late, he will have trouble eating.
- I understand, mother. But there is nothing to do at this moment. (Sobbing)
- You won't cry at all. You trust your daughter. Look, I'll fix everything. InshaAllah. And I think he has a little love for me, mother.

Today I have seen a lot of changes in him. God knows the rest. Say goodbye to me with a smile, mother.
Then Sumi said goodbye to her mother with a smile.
If you go by rickshaw, it will take 30 minutes to reach home. Sumi took a rickshaw home.
Meanwhile, 20 minutes after Sumi's departure, Sagar came to Sumi's house to pick up Sumi. Sumi's mother looked at Sagar and said,
- Dad, are you? Come on, Dad.
- No, auntie, I won't go. I told Sumi that I was standing down to get ready.
- Sumi has already left, Dad. This will be 20/25 minutes.
- Oh. Well aunty then come today. I will not come again another day.
Sumi's mother was a little relieved to hear Sagar talking, maybe Sumi was right. The sea is changing.
When Sagar reached home at 4:50, he saw that Sumi had not come home yet. He went to Shakik and asked, "Have you seen your future wife coming?"
- No, brother. Didn't see. There is no future.
- Oh well.
Sagar was going to call on call number two. Both numbers are closed. Sagar fell into a lot of thoughts. Where did the girl go? Meanwhile, Sumi is not looking for the evening. He will not go anywhere without saying anything and he is not in any danger !!!
The sea has become restless. He hurried out of the car to look for Sumi. As he was leaving, Shafiq was told that Sumi had come back to call him.

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