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Rape Wife

Rape Wife - Episode 01

Sumi could not get out of bed in the morning. The whole body of pain seems to be dying. Even then he got up with difficulty, took a bath and became fresh! Then he went downstairs and made breakfast at 8 o'clock in the morning. After making breakfast, Sumi was sitting on the sofa in the drawing room. He sat and thought about his past life, how beautiful his life was before his marriage. Why did she get married to Sagar? When he thought about all this, he did not notice when Sumi's eyes got caught.

Sumi ..... Sumi .. this Sumi ...

Suddenly Sumi woke up. Sagar was calling and ran restlessly to Sagar's room.

- Why don't you listen to so many calls ?? What are you doing all day? Do you have no work other than empty sleep?

Sumi is silent.

- I'm going to the shower. Iron my shirt and pants. There is a meeting today.

Sagar went to the shower. Sumi ironed the clothes and went downstairs. Ready breakfast and put it on the table. Sagar finished his shower, had breakfast and hurried to the office !! Sumi stays alone at home all day and stays with him. Her loneliness and the silent screams of the oppression of the sea and even if she wants to, she can't open her mind to anyone. At 9 in the morning, the doorman Shafiq went to the market. Sumi put all the markets in the fridge and cooked the ones she wanted to cook.

At 12 o'clock the maid came and finished the work. Bua just sweeps the house and washes the clothes and leaves. After finishing all the work at noon, he finished the Johar prayers, then came back after eating and drinking and was lying on the sofa in the drawing room.

He has to stay in this drawing room all day. Even after having four rooms in such a big house, the drawing room is his place to stay. Because this room is facing all the rooms. If you call from Sagar's room, you can easily hear it from the drawing room. When it is a little late, Sagar starts cursing. So Sumi stays here all the time.

Sagar was supposed to return at noon but did not return. Sagar returned at 5 pm. He was accompanied by a fair-skinned girl with a long, slender build, medium hair, and a sleeveless purple Western dress. The girl was calling Sagar Jan Babu. Sagar also called the girl Baby. It was very bad to see their condition. Sagar came drinking. Sagar was resting his hand on the girl's shoulder. The girl was taking Sagar to the room, whether it was my right or not. I did not say anything. Sagar said while leaving, he will be at home today so arrange dinner.

Sumi took the fish out of the fridge and cooked it. Thinking while cooking - maybe growing up poor is a sin for us. So his atonement has to be done this way.

At the dinner table at night, the girl was asking Sagar who I was.

Sagar replied

- Hey, our housekeeper. Mother Jawad has left time to take care of me.

-My Goodness Sagar ... If you have such a beautiful girl at home, can you stay right?

- Come on Riya babe ... You are not the most beautiful girl in my life. Love you babe ..

The words seemed so painful to Sumi that she couldn't take them. So she went to the drawing room and sat down.

After eating Sagar and Riya, they went to the room! Sumi came and ate and put everything in order!

Sumi heard the rear sound from inside the room while passing by Sagar's room at night! Sumir did not understand that they were having sex.

Sumi came to the drawing room with tears in her eyes and fell asleep.

I got up in the morning and made breakfast. Sagar and Riya went out together for breakfast! Sagar said while leaving

- I will be late to return today. You see, go somewhere outside again. I will not talk to anyone on the phone.

That's it!

After finishing her day's work, Sumi sat on the sofa watching TV and suddenly remembered her past.

Sumi got married to Sagar today for 5 months. In these 5 months, nothing has happened yet! As soon as Sumi finished her Inter exam, her grandmother said that she would marry Sumi to Sagar. Sagar Sumi's cousin Sagar's mother Saleha Khatun proposed marriage to Sumi's grandmother Sumi's father. Sumi's father Asif Saheb could not say no to such a request of his sister! So Sagar and Sumi's marriage took place in a family way.

Sagar finished his graduation and now runs his own business, and Sumi finished Inter. The dream was to become a lawyer but something happened in his life that he did not become a lawyer anymore.

On the night of the wedding, Sagar was threatening Sumi in the living room

- We got married by the will of my mother. I can never accept you as a wife, never. Put the word in your head. And never come into my room without my permission. I'll come when I call. Not before that.

Sumi could not accept these at all. Inside, she is sobbing. Sumi was still in the room after dinner. She was standing in front of the dressing table and fixing her hair. There was a bed next to it. Soon after, Sagar came and pushed Sumi on the bed with one push! Then her husband exercised his right over Sumi. Who says legal rape. Sagar is legally raping his married wife. She raped Sumi like this until her hunger was satisfied! Sumi was screaming but Sagar was holding her face with her hands. When Sagar's hunger was satisfied, he pulled Sumi out of bed

- Go to sleep on the floor. This bed is all mine. No one else.

Sumi wanted to slap Sagar on the cheek right there. But he said nothing and lay down on the floor.

Sumi got up in the morning and went to the kitchen. He saw his uncle making breakfast. Sumi said,

- My uncle said if there is any work, I will do it.

- Why do you still call me uncle? Now I am the mother.

- I've been saying uncle for so long now can I suddenly call mother ??

- If I got married somewhere else, I would have had to be called mother or not.

- All right.

The two made breakfast together!

Sagar woke up fresh and had breakfast. I was getting ready to go out. Then his mother said

-I got married yesterday, and you have to go out this morning? What happens if you don't go for a few days?

- Don't talk nonsense, mother. What do I do now sitting at home.

- What do you mean? You are married, will you leave your wife at home and go out to work now?

- That means I will sit at home and see your niece now ??

- And now your wife Sagar. Keep that in mind.

-Mom, I married her at your word. Otherwise, Sagar does not even look up at a girl like him.

-Shut up, Sagar. What are you talking about ??

- Don't make my head hurt by telling me these things, mother. I'm going.

Sumi had nothing to say and stood silently. During lunch, Saleha Khatun told Sumi,

- Are you upset, mother?

- No, mother, nothing.

- I understand you're in a bad mood. You are the only one to fix the Paris Sea, to get rid of the addiction of girls, the intoxication of alcohol and cigarettes. Although he never lets me know that he hangs out with girls.

- How do I do, mother?

- The biggest weakness of a boy is a beautiful girl. You are not inferior in any way, mother. Allah has made you beautiful in all respects. So if you want you can bring him under your control and make his life a beautiful chain. How many days have we been here? We'll move on to Sierra (Sagar's younger sister) in a few days.

- Well, mother, I will try my best.

The words revolved around Sumi's head all day. Sumi could not understand what to do.

In any case, this is how their day went on. As long as her parents were there, Sumi slept in Sagar's room but on the floor. Sumi's place in the bed was only to satisfy the hunger in Sagar's mind. Every day Sagar talks on the phone with one or another girl, Jaan, Babu addresses them as such. Sumi listens silently and sheds tears.

A few days later Sagar's parents left.

Since his parents left, Sagar used to come home with his daughter every day. He was addicted to cigarettes, alcohol and his daughter all day long. Sagar has no idea that he has a wife in his house. Sumi is Sagar's only companion during meals and at night to quench her hunger. He stays at home all day and does these things.

One day Sumi was cooking in the morning. Barely put oil in the pan. It's getting hot. At that time Sagar called. You have to go quickly or you will start abusing again. So he hurriedly lowered the pan and all the oil fell on his hands. At the moment it seemed as if his life was out!

- Kiri Sumi, how long does it take you? Come back soon.

Somehow he hid in the sea room under the cover of his hand.

- Little man's child, it takes so long for you to come here !! What are you doing all day !! Iron my clothes. I'm going to the shower.

With great difficulty Sumi ironed Sayan's clothes.

Then he went downstairs and got breakfast ready !! The hand seems to be burning to ashes. Sumi asked when Sagar came to the breakfast table 

- Is there any ointment at home?

- What do you do with the ointment?

- I'll burn my hands!

-Nice to see it in the First Aid box.

After breakfast, Cyan left. Sumi searched a lot but could not find the First Aid Box anywhere. Meanwhile, the hand is burning in pain. Seeing no way, he put some toothpaste on the burnt place. He cooked with great difficulty, freshened up at noon and fell asleep on the sofa in the drawing room without praying or eating. The body seems to be burning like fire. The fever has come. The eyes have turned red. I woke up in the afternoon. When he got up, he saw that the burn on his hand was blistered. The water has frozen inside. Oops what a pain that is. It took a while to get the ice out of the fridge. Peace lasts as long as it lasts. Sagar returned home in the evening. He went to the room. After dinner, Sagar told Sumi to go to the room. Sumi said,

- I don't feel well. Today ..

- I will do what I say quietly. Don't talk verbally.

After finishing all the work at night, Sumi went to the room trembling. The whole body is burning with fever. Wanting to die from hand pain.

In this situation, Sagar sexually abused Sumi. Sumi's body does not have enough energy. When Sagar was holding Sumi's hand, Sumi's hand came out. As the skin rose, the pain in his hands became more intense and he could not cry. Sagar is so cruel that he did not leave Sumi even after seeing this situation.

The next morning he got up and took a bath. After bathing, he came to the drawing room and lay down. Didn't look very good. Didn't make breakfast. As soon as the sea rose, he started shouting - now I will go out without eating !! Nothing will happen to you. Sleep and sleep all day. Besides, there is no other work.

Then went out. Then he came back an hour later with alcohol and cigarettes. He went to the room.

Shafiq went through the market.

Sumi somehow cooked them and lay down again. The body looked so bad that I could not understand what to do. At night, Sagar's eyes fell on the dining table and Sumi's hand said,

- Didn't you have anything?

- I applied toothpaste.

- Didn't I tell you there is ointment in First Aid Box ??

- Didn't find it.

- So why didn't you tell me?

Sumi didn't say anything anymore and couldn't understand why suddenly Sagar was talking so well !!!

Shafiq saw Sumi open the door when she heard the calling bell at night. Shafiq said with a packet in his hand - Mr. Sagar said to give it to you.

Sumi realized and put the gate with a smile! 

Next Episode: Rape Wife - Episode 02

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